I am Leah Flynn. I have a been a hairstylist for 8 years. I recently quit my job after 5 years at a salon to be a freelance stylist. Why did I do this? A. To keep more money in my pocket B. To have control over my work life ratio.


Here you will find what I do with my spare time. And because I now work for myself, I have a lot of free time.

This is a space where I post about my adventures. A lot in the Rocky Mountains, a little out of country, and anywhere pretty or unique.

I am here to share beautiful places, experiences, and sometimes pointers if I have any of those.IMG_0750

Because I talk all day at work, and sometimes too much about myself, you will mostly hear about what I am up too and not a lot about me. One thing I will tell you is I have a dog named Russell, he is a scruffy terrier mix of something and will featured on many hiking trips.

And let me reiterate I am a Hairstylist. So pardon my writing skills.