You Better Belize It

I had to say that once, it’s out of my system now. Seriously though, I swam with sharks, sting rays, electric eels, barracudas, puffer fish… I can only imagine how great this trip would have been for a diver, I was only snorkeling.

We paid $44 each, which included the park fee, snorkeling gear, our guide and the boat. He supplied water, fresh watermelon, bait for the sharks, and even a warm towel for our faces after the tour. He clearly had a ton of experience as he was diving into the reef pulling out sting rays and enormous crabs to show us.

We stayed at which is located just outside of the main town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. I highly recommend this Island for your stay as well as the hotel. The staff here was fabulous. They arranged everything from our snorkel adventure, to flights back to Belize city, taxis, restaurants, and getting laundry done for us.

Pool sitting above the beach

We also noticed this hotel had a better beach front then most, including this awesome pool sitting above the sand next to the bar. Try the Panty Ripper, it is better then is sounds.

There is a bakery near by called the Baker that we discovered and ended up going to 3 times throughout our stay. The best coffee and croissants I’ve had since our trip to Nicaragua. It’s owned by a couple from Ireland. They put a lot of love into their food and frozen coffee ice cubes in there iced coffee.

You can walk to town from here in about 20 minutes. Because it was so hot and humid we opted for the taxi most days which is $5 each time. The other option is to rent a golf cart. Depending on how much you’ll be out and about this can be expensive, but loads of fun.

If you do rent a golf cart, take the hour ride to Secret Beach. The drive is a great way to see the island and the “country side”. The last couple miles of the trip is down a gravel road with swamp land surrounding. The beach itself had some of the clearest water I’d seen while here. It’s very remote with only two bars.

Secret beach dock

Consider taxi a water taxi over the the neighboring island of Caye caulker and grab some drinks at the split. Round trip this cost about $25 and takes 30 minutes.

You can spend a half day here and see everything you need to. I suggest to walk the town for starters. Dont mind the rasta’s offering you weed and cocaine. They weren’t aggressive about it and were often singing songs to imply they had it which was entertaining.

If basketball is your thing, the locals would be happy to include you in a pickup game. The court is vibrant and almost right on the beach.


Lastly, if you thought swimming with sharks sounds exhilarating then you’ll love taking a prop plane. I only did this one way to the island and wish I did it both to and from.

First of all the airport is hilarious. They didn’t check our passports or send us through security. Instead we handed them a hand written voucher from our hotel and were given a plastic rectangle with an add for grape Fanta soda. It said, “boarding pass” “loading group purple”. 30 minutes later someone comes in to walk us to the plane that seated about 8-10 people. It was Joey, another guy and myself. The plane accelerates and seems to be going off the ramp sideways. We leave the ground bopping around and finally get to a stable state. I was a little sweaty, but really enjoyed the experience. The flight lasted all of 15 minutes and the landing was smooth.


Lastly, something we didn’t plan well enough in advance to do was the ATM tours on the mainland. It was recommended multiple times by the locals. I don’t have any pictures to share, and neither will you as they no longer allow cameras after a tourist dropped theirs on a artifact many years ago shattering a part of history. But put this on your list and let me know how it is. But who knows, I may make my way back to Belize. Belizean’s are by far some of the nicest people as a whole that I have ever met. 


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