I ripped my pants in Tulum

Okay, now that I got you here lets talk about how awesome Tulum, Quintana Roo is. And I promise ripping my pants happened and I’ll tell you about that later.

So, I am getting married. Blah blah. I know that’s really exciting for all of you who don’t know me. Anyways, it got me and 9 friends to Mexico for a sweet bachelorette party.

Our first two days were spent in Cancun, which was eh. One thing we did when we were there that was a blast though, was take a ferry to Isla Mujeres. I think that means “Island of women” or something like that.  We even had live music by the cutest Mexican man singing  “sugar” by Adam Levine with his guitar.

The island had touristy shopping, really nice beaches with lots of lounge chairs, cabanas, music, beach bars. We first enjoyed a few drinks on the beach, wondered around town and had a couple more drinks and maybe a tequila shot or two… I cant remember for some reason. Found a pretty awesome liquor store that had huge speakers roadside bumping music. Had a quick dance party, bought a 24 pack and went back to the beach.

Isla Mujeres

Tulum ended up being my favorite places. There is a long stretch of road parallel to the beach where you can find shopping, food, spas, yoga, all the hotels and even a Donkey if you look hard enough.

Jose’ the roadside Donkey

Beach side you find the same kinda thing. I didn’t see any donkeys on the beach, but there were a lot of friendly dogs. Which you will learn over time how much I love dogs. It’s a lot.

I know I mentioned I am adventurous so check this out. Mexico has a ton of “Cenotes”. Best way to describe this is a cave system underground with a river running through it. This was by far the COOLEST thing we did on this trip and I highly recommend for anyone to do it. You get snorkeling masks, flippers, a flashlight, and a guide. Here you see what I think are called stalactites or stalagmites… or otherwise referred to as dripstone collectively. Basically rock icicles hanging from the top and growing from the bottom. There were little fish, and we also came up into a dome area that housed thousands of bats. It smelt bad. It smelt really bad actually. http://www.cenotedosojos.com/cenoteinfo.htm

Opening of the cave where the light pierces through the crystal clear water.

The ruins are also worth checking out. The Tulum Ruins are in the opposite direction of  town on that same long road I was telling you about and have views of the beach. You can actually go down to the beach too, which we did to escape the heat.  The Coba ruins  are about an hour drive and in the jungle. Here you can still climb to the top of the pyramid to get views of the jungle. It’s actually pretty mind blowing thinking about people building such a thing all those years ago.

Beach at Tulum Ruins
These guys were everywhere. Like, watch where you step

If you are going to Tulum in a group, I recommend doing a rental. We stayed just outside of town in a great place called Casa Sol. https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p4175777


We had about a half mile of walkable beach, and two great restaurant choices. The house provided kayaks, snorkeling gear, and a grounds keeper who arranged a home made meal for us one evening. Oh, and there where two neighbor dogs we temporarily adopted named Bonita and Maya. We later found out they weren’t allowed inside. Whoops…


 Fine- So I ripped my pants. Big deal, we have all done this right? Here’s what happened, its not as exciting as I led you to believe. It was Tuesday night and we started with dinner and a few bottles of wine. Okay, 8 bottles of wine…  Since dinner was Italian we were on this wine kick, so we stopped into a liquor store and grabbed a few more bottles for the road. Literally, we walked the road drinking wine.

The walk took us to http://www.mateosmexicangrill.us which I highly recommend. This place was multi level with two bars, dining, ping pong, hammocks, and a play your own music station. One toast led to the next and no time later the owner is bringing out instruments and tequila. We were THAT fun. To make along story short, I think I can dance when I have a little liquid courage. I dropped it low, hair swinging and everything. At that moment I felt the seams of my pants give way. This provided a good 30 minutes entertainment. And the hole increasingly became larger. And your welcome to the people watching us order gelato after leaving this joint. Unfortunately the picture of it displays to much to share, but my slide show below should help you set the scene.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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