I don’t know where I am going.

If you are familiar with the app http://www.hopper.com, I have a modge podge of flights I am “watching”. If you are not familiar with the app, in short, you tell it where you want to go and when and the app will watch prices and let you know when to buy or if you should wait. I recently scored a $550 flight to London back In January.

London has the cutest taxis.

Anyways, basically I sometimes don’t know where my next trip will be. Like most people, I love a good deal. And if I can travel on a budget I can travel more. So I wait for hopper to tell me when flights are cheap and then harass my fiancĂ©, sister or friends to take a trip with me. Which is easier then I make it sound. My sister Shelby works for http://www.expedia.com and has “suggested” vacations hours. It’s pretty sweet.

That’s the other reason I went to London. Shelby was going for work and had a free hotel through expedia, so obviously I was going to make that happen. Not to mention she had a food credit and may or may not have expensed a few of my meals. Shh…

We look alike sometimes

Speaking of not knowing where I’m going. If you find yourself in London, make sure to try and find Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. I say try, because its basically hidden down an alley and took asking a barista, purse salesman, pedestrian, and a librarian later to get to it. I also didn’t have international data turned on, so this may help the less frugal person. The whole point of coming here was simply because I kept seeing huge slices of pizza on social media. So do yourself a favor-find Neal’s yard and have a pizza at home slice. Thank me later. http://www.hom


If you find yourself thirsty after stopping at home slice, make your way to https://gordonswinebar.com This bar is thought to be Londons oldest bar and is extremely charming. We somehow managed to snag a table in what looks like a hand dug tunnel. It might actually be, not kidding, but I can’t confirm.

Not ideal for the tall

Obviously go do all the touristy stuff while your in London. Big Ben, London Bridge, Parliment, yada yada. But get out and walk outside of the box too. One of my favorite days was spent walking around the neighborhood of shoreditch. Here we found a ton of vintage shopping, extremely creative graffiti, a street market, live music, bakery’s, and all the hipsters you could ever imagine. It was a feast for your senses.

 P.S- Take the tube everywhere, its not as scary as you think.



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